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The House on the Rock Attraction Event Blog

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Recent Comment...

This event seems totally odd to me. How can you sell out the panels first? I was really excited about actually seeing Mr. Gaiman, but with the way you have set up this event I don't think you are really all that open to fans having a good time. I really don't understand why you would put a cap on the panels, but not on the event. I suppose greed would be a good explanation.

The panels at The House on the Rock Resort that are included in the tickets with panels are sponsored not by The House on the Rock but by an ad hoc committee know as the Low Key Gathering. The meeting rooms at the Resort are of limited capacity and the decision to stop selling tickets for these panels was made because of fire and safety regulations (we will not exceed room capacities). If you explore the blog further, you will find that The House on the Rock is sponsoring additional panels at the Attraction; these panels are open to all ticket holders. We are sponsoring these additional panels so that everyone attending will have a chance to go to a panel if they wish. See the event schedule to learn more about panels at The House on the Rock Attraction.

In terms of seeing Neil Gaiman--this is unrelated to the panels; he is not scheduled to attend any panels. He will be at the Attraction Friday and Saturday speaking, signing books, judging the costume contest, and celebrating with his fans. There are plenty of opportunities to see Neil. Again, consult the schedule to find out more about events where Neil will be present. The overwhelming sentiment among the fans is that they are really excited that The Gathering of American Gods is finally here.



English said...

how does one get a special timed signing pass? Does this have something to do with the type of ticket you have?

The House On The Rock Journal said...

The ticket (or pass) for the book signings is included in the registration packages. Registration packages can be picked up at the Welcome Center at The House on the Rock Attraction any time after 9 AM Friday.

CatDoc said...

My wife and I would like to thank HotR, deeply, and honestly, for one of the most memorable events of our lives. I didn't know until I asked that this is the first late-evening events, indeed the first event like this EVER at HotR, you folks were professional, patient, dotted I and crossed T, with little unexpected touches glittered about HotR for the Gaiman-specific fans... as a geek convention professional, I was VERY impressed with the organization and execution of plan, and oh, by the way, it's at HotR. PLEASE, beg Mr. Gaiman to come back for another round in a year or two; failing that, PLEASE, consider Halloween costumed events. (Granted, geeks tend to be pretty harmelss convention goers...). Thank you for having the wolf carousel figure for us to pose on. Thank you for staying up so late! Thank you for having MORE than enough food, enough libations, for the magician, for the special red Esmerelda tickets, for having Tom at the afternoon lectures, and for utterly mesmerizing my wife on her first trip. Quality, execution of a plan, patience, and making a special weekend we will both cherish. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Mr.Fortune (I'll come help clean up all the bills Sunday...)