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The House on the Rock Attraction Event Blog

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steampunk Halloween

We're thinking about inviting the Steampunk community to The House on the Rock for a Halloween costume extravaganza in October of 2011. The House on the Rock collections contain artifacts and models from the age of steam and diesel, as well as mechanical clockwork devices reminiscent of a bygone age. Here are a few examples from our model steam collection -- below are pictures of a rare model of the Turbinia, the first steam-turban ship, dated 1909, and one example from our collection of Dreadnoughts. These are just two examples of many artifacts in our collection of model steamships. As our plans become more definite, we will be posting more information and photos from our collection.


Enmellishment said...

Do it!!
Was there last year for the Neil Gaiman event and thought it was great fun!
The following year, film a horror movie as part of the party. Excellent crowd scenes on an awesome location.

Levit said...

This. Just leaving a note on this post as well to express my unquenchable desire to spend another Halloween partying at HOTR.

I have already started thinking about the best way to steampunkify one of my work suits.

Also: Mechanical Monacles.

PlaidLantern said...

Oh yes please! American Gods was WONDERFUL and this would be another great way to spend our anniversary - at the House on the Rock again, in costume, with lots of Spotted Cow!